our wedding ring guide
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Congratulations, you’re getting married! Planning a wedding, with all its decisions to be made, isn’t an easy task so we hope to make it just a bit simpler for you with this guide! We look forward to meeting you soon and can’t wait to design and make the rings of your dreams.

The choice of colour ...

Whilst there are a lot of material options to choose from for wedding rings, we generally work with 18 carat gold. Now the colour choice between traditional yellow gold, cool and understated white gold or modern and youthful pink gold may seem difficult at first but our colour samples will make this decision a lot clearer and easier.

Finishes ...

We offer three basic finishes – polished, brushed and matted. Whilst a polished finish is often the most favoured and traditional choice, we recommend a finish that is easier to maintain in the long run. You will be wearing these rings every day and they will eventually look this way; a perfectly polished surface will quickly show scratches and dents whereas a brushed finish is better at camouflaging these and can be easily retouched at home with a gentle brush. However, because we are the professionals we would be happy to have you come by once in a while so we can give them a thorough dose of pampering, allowing them to shine again.
Other than the basic finishes we do also offer bolder and unique textures for couples that wish to have less traditional and more modern rings.

Sizing ...

Everyday rings need to fit perfectly – you don’t want to lose them nor do you want them to be uncomfortably tight. That’s why we, with the right tools, expertise and experience, will help you determine how big your rings should be.

Martin Beffert workshop 2
Time ...

Give yourself – and us – enough time to properly plan and work on your rings! These are sentimental pieces of jewellery and shouldn’t be rushed. Take enough time to think your wishes through before coming to see us and then give us sufficient time to make these a reality. As each and every ring is made for you from scratch we will need approximately 5-10 days to produce them for you.

Budgets ...

One of the first and most important things we will want to know from you is your budget. This info is vital to us because it helps to give us an idea of what is and isn’t possible within the price range we will be working with. It allows us to realistically brainstorm design ideas with you that are reasonable and achievable based on what you are willing to spend.
Should your budget be limited, we will of course try and work around it as much as we can. It is important to understand that your ring may be a little lighter and the stone a bit smaller than what you envisioned it to be but we will always give our best to keep it as close to your visions.
Because our wedding rings are custom-made we do not have fixed prices. These will be individually calculated for you based on a variety of factors including current gold prices, rings sizes, weight...

Solitaire diamond ring
Bling !

Whilst some will want it flashy, others might go for a more discreet option. The choice obviously lies in taste and budget but it is important to remember that these are everyday rings – you want to be able to do everything without having to take them off or worry about damaging or losing a diamond.

Engravings ...

The final and often most personal touch to your rings! Whether it is a name, date or symbol, go for an engraving with a sentimental value but remember that depending on the size and type of ring, not all models can be engraved.

Men ...

For many men, this ring will be their first piece of jewellery but no need to stress! We’ll make the design and decision making process easy and painless and we’ll ensure that the rings are as comfortable and unobtrusive as we can make them.

Martin Beffert workbench
The process ...

The process begins with a first meeting. This is where we get to know each other and discuss what you are looking for.
Bringing along sketches or pictures of ring designs is helpful as a reference but not a must. We will look at our existing models for colour and texture samples and talk about budgets and design ideas. Once we have a clear idea of what you are looking for, we will take the time to make a few sketches and price proposals, which will then be sent to you or discussed once more in person. When the designs and price proposals have been agreed upon (and if needed altered) and a small deposit has been made, we will start producing your rings!

Does it get any more personal?

Know that when you decide to have your rings made by Martin Beffert and his team you are choosing custom-made, personalised, local products. Your rings will not be shelf products. They will carry your signature, your touch; we are simply here to make them a reality.