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jewellery designs
made in
18ct gold wave rings, Mauritius
Gold stacking rings
18ct gold and diamond earrings
Yellow gold and pink tourmaline pendant
Pink tourmaline and diamond gold ring
Yellow gold diamond earrings
Yellow gold & pink tourmaline ring
Yellow gold and diamond rings Mauritius
DIamond solitaire rings Mauritius
White gold and Tahiti jewellery set
Luxury diamond ring Mauritius
Batch 240
Gold collection
Golden stacking rings
White gold diamond earrings
Yellow gold and tourmaline pendant
Pink tourmaline white gold ring
Tourmaline ring
batch 1711
Yellow gold and diamond rings
Diamond rings
batch 426
White gold and diamond ring
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Tahiti pearl sea urchin ring
Blue Topas sea urchin pendant
Unique sea urchin jewellery Mauritius
XL Blue Topas sea urchin pendant
Tahiti pearl silver urchin ring
Gold & diamond urchin collier
Silver urchin rings with precious stones
Oxidised silver urchin pendant
Delicate gold & diamond sea urchin collection
XL Sea urchin pendant
Leather & silver urchin bracelet
Black silver urchin collier
Oxidised silver urchin pendant with a Rhodolite
Tahiti sea urchin ring
Sea urchin collection

An ocean inspired jewellery collection that merges delicate sea urchin textures with bold shapes in combination with sparkling diamonds, vibrant precious stones and finest pearls.

Sea urchin pendant
Petite gold urchin earrings
Sea urhin pendant big
Tahiti sea urchin ring
Mini gold urchin collier
Mini sea urchin rings
Sea urchin collier
Gold sea urchin rings
Sea urchin pendant XL
Leather sea urchin bracelet
Oxidised sea urchin pendant
Sea urchin collier rhodolite
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Marry me
"Marry me?"
Engagement rings
that will guarantee a
Unique wedding rings Mauritius
18ct gold wedding rings Mauritius
18ct white gold wedding rings
White gold engagement & wedding rings
Wedding rings made in Mauritius
Textured white gold wedding rings
18ct rose gold wedding rings
Simple white gold wedding rings
Wedding rings Mauritius
Gold wedding bands Mauritius
Gold wedding rings for him and her
Custom made, textured wedding rings
Traditional gold wedding rings, Mauritius
DIamond engagment and wedding ring, Mauritius
White gold wedding rings, Mauritius
Wedding rings Mauritius
Wedding rings
Wedding rings_multi coloured

Know that when you decide to have your rings made by Martin Beffert you are choosing custom-made, personalised & local products.
Your rings will not be shelf products. They will carry your signature, your touch; we are simply here to make them a reality.

Wedding rings Mauritius
23 nov3ring18
Unique wedding rings Mauritius
Wedding ring_WR025_2
03 junering15
Gold wedding bands
Wedding rings Martin Beffert
Wavy wedding ring
Wedding rings white gold
Wedding rings_WR016
Wedding bands MB
Custom made wedding rings
Wedding rings Mauritius WR026
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Flower pendants by Martin Beffert
Exclusive jewellery made in Mauritius
Silver Frangipani pendant
Textured rock ring in sterling silver
Solid sterling silver pendants
Polished XL flower pendant silver
Textured flower earrings
Unique silver and gold pendant by Martin Beffert
Highly polished sterling silver ring
Silver heart pendant
Frangipani jewellery Mauritius
Geometric silver pendant
Unisex silver rings
Modern silver ring designed by Martin Beffert
Silver_flower pendants
Silver collection
XL silver pendant
Silver_frangipani pendant
Silver_textured ring
Shapes pendant
XL flower pendant
Silver_daisy earrings
Silver gold flower pendant
Solid silver polished ring
Silver_heart pendant
Silver frangipani ring
XL silver pendant
Silver textured rings
Silver_matted ring
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"Yes we do ... "
design and create wedding rings
which are different, special and unique
- like you!
Jeweler working at his bench
Polishing in the Martin Beffert workshop
Tools in the Martin Beffert workshop
Polishing jewellery in the workshop
Jewelers workbench in the Martin Beffert atelier
Jewellery production in Moka, Mauritius
Our workshop
... where experienced hands are at work
Polishing pendant
Jewelers workbench
Polishing collier
Jewelers workbench
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Where to buy?
To share our passion for unique jewellery creations with you,
the Martin Beffert gold collection is exclusively available at our factory showroom in Moka.
Custom made gold designs Mauritius
Unique sea urchin jewellery Mauritius
Diamond earrings Mauritius
Custom made gold jewellery Mauritius
Specially designed, unique pieces
Custom made engagement ring
Paraiba gold ring
Citrine sea urchin ring
18ct white gold diamond earrings
Tanzanite urchin ring
Gold pearl earrings
Custom made white gold ring
Custom designed white gold ring
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Textured jewellery Mauritius
Textured couple rings
Unique textured jewellery
Unique Lava texture jewellery
Textured jewellery made in Mauritius
Unisex rings for couples
Unisex rings for couples
Lava textured rings Mauritius
Lava rings Mauritius
Black and white lava rings Mauritius
Lava pendant
Lava collection

A unique collection combining subtle forms, contrasting materials and bold textures inspired by the Mauritian Lava rock.
Designed as unisex pieces, these rings, pendants and earrings are perfect for both men and women to wear independently or as couples.

Oxidised lava rings
Lava earrings with Blue Topas
Lava ring Peridot
Lava rings XL
Couple rings with texture
Textured silver rings for couples
Lava ring Blue Topas
Lava rings oxidised
Lava rings Peridot and Blue Topas
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Contact us

Leclezio Avenue, Moka


tel. +230 433 92 62

mob. +230 580 503 60